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Wye Valley Walk Video

Finding Wye Valley Inspiration on Youtube

Youtuber and hiker Mark Jickells is the only person in the UK to have hiked every single river of the Wye basin from source to confluence totaling over 600 miles. The last of the rivers was the beautiful winding Wye itself. Always keen to document the river hikes he filmed the Wye Valley Walk from source to Chepstow capturing magic moments along its entire length. You to can enjoy them from anywhere you like , from home or before stepping onto the trail yourself. Select any one to play. 

Day 1: A Mothers Send Off

In this first episode Mark and his friend Andy are seen off by there mothers at Eisteddfa Gurig. Having experienced the loss of his dear twin brother Paul Mark is keen to hike again as is Andy who is similarly experiencing loss. Hiking sure is good for grief. It was a great send off invoking an extraordinary meeting at source.  


Good Energy Amid The Wye

Day 2/3: A Wonderfully Bizarre Hike

Having enjoyed the pitch beside the Wye not far from Pont Rhydgaled Mark & Andy traverse the valley and head for Llangurig, some supplies and then onto the awesome Nant Y Dernol and beyond. Along the way they meet a group of woman from Hereford. That's right they were from their home city. The Wye Valley Walk was beginning to turn into a wonderfully bizarre hike. More of the same to come in this episode.

Day 4/6: Great Outdoors & A Bed

Day 4 was a wet start but Mark and Andy were up for the day. With standing stones in odd places there was mystery alongside odd shelters that made way for a much needed rest. Later a B&B beckoned - you have to go with what presents itself. It turned out well as a fresh new day of unfamiliar trails unfolded. However, further down river storm Aiden hit and they took some time out and rejoined the trail later. 

Day 6/7: Raves and Shepherds Hut

Day 6/7 Back on trail Mark and Andy are raring to go. First port of call is Baskerville Hall where it's said Hounds of the Baskervills were conceived of. This is memory lane for it's where Mark, alongside his dear brother Paul, staged seminal raves in Wales and the Wye Valley back in the early 90's. It was a fantastic tour of the place and meeting with the owner. Afterwards Hay beckoned as did a doss down in an abandoned shepherds hut. It is after all a Wye adventure.   

Day 8/9: Fathers, History & Rural Scenes

Day 8/9 Mark and Andy are passing through their own home turf now and meeting up with Andy's father who is a keen walker. At 80 he does amazingly well to cover the 10-12 miles we did before he hitched a ride back. It was great to have him along as we headed for yet more beauty, doss downs and adventure. 

Day 10/11: The Fantastic Lower Wye

Day 10/11 Having stayed at the YHA at Welsh Bicknor it was on through to the beguiling Symonds Yat Gorge where Mark and Andy grabbed a bit to eat before enjoying a stroll through this most wondrous of wooded vales. At Monmouth they doss down again at the Monmouth canoe club, which was a surprisingly restful stop. The next morning Andy and Mark part for unexpected reasons. This is how it goes on an adventure. Still, Chepstow awaited as did the most unusual end to the 136 mile hike. 

Thanks for Watching!

If you would like to subscribe to the channel please do go on over and click the red button. It's great to hear from people and chat about the things we enjoy outdoors. There are videos covering the whole Wye catchment, so if you're keen to know more see you there. Peace! 


"O sylvan Wye! thou wanderer thro' the woods, How often has my spirit turned to thee!"
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth


Feel The Ripples Of Life On Trail

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