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Site Purpose

We're all about the Wye and its catchment here, which involves cross boarder exploration between England & Wales. As such the site seeks to reveal the Wye and its catchment in all its glory because we recognize it as a truly magnificent part of the UK.

It must be said when seeking out immersive experiences and or website content we often get out there using only public transport leaving little to fall back on, which we find results in the best of the Wye basin being unearthed. 

Inspiration In Every River

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In sharing  what a treasure the region is we want you (other like minded explorers) to feel at home amid its waters and vistas inside and out. Imbued with its natural rhythms we're sure you'll head back from whence you came invigorated. This website is a bridge to those vibes and as guides to it we are honored to be of service as we continue to unearth the magic of the Wye.

Favorite River Walks

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