Source Walks

Discovering the Rivers Origin

There are numerous trails up to the top of Plynlimon and to the source of the Wye specifically. If you're looking for a remote time of it with the freshest of air and far out views then these trails are for you. 

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Wye View Trail

Access to the Wye source viewing platform and the Off Piste gully path to the source and the summit of Plynlimon is easy and handy. There off the A44 is a small car park opposite the Sweet Lamb estate entrance at Pont Rhydgaled that's safe for the day or night.  Public transport can also be used. We've named the trail up to the source the 'The Wye Gully Trail.'

Explore the Waters

The Wye Gully Trail

Access to the very upper reaches of the Wye source and its off piste gully path is easy and handy from here. It's the same parking arrangement for the Wye View Trail off the A44 opposite the Sweet Lamb estate entrance at Pont Rhydgaled. It's safe for the day or night.  Public transport can also be used. On the right day there are some awe inspiring scenes on this circular hike and it's said scientifically that awe is good for us.

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Experience The Space


Inspired by the Landscape

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Chris Bonington Trail

There are again another two routes up to the Wye and the summit of Plynlimon from here but we'll be taking a look at one the ''Chris Bonington' route. The advantage here is that there is a relatively secure car park, which you have to pay the farm for. You can of course use public transport what with a bus stop opposite. 

Gateways to Inspiration

The Jones Trail

The Jones Trail' starts off easy but ends up challenging as you leave the established track. It's another angle on Plynlimon that ultimately gives you a wider appreciation of the range but if you choose will lead you to the Wye source. There is car parking beside the Nant Y Moch reservoir or you could hike in using public transport. The route is inspiring with different views either North/North East, West or East & West depending on where you look. 

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Free Flowing Trails

Arrow Trail.JPG

Vista Fields

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Arrow Trail

The Arrow Trail' leads you to the super enchanting river Arrow source an eventual left bank tributary of the Wye. It starts off nice and easy as you walk from the road onto the Gwaunceste hill range in Mid Wales near to the border of Herefordshire. It's laid out before you as the track leads the way onto Gwaunceste hill and the source. Enjoy the ascent as 360-degree views open up revealing Powys and Mid Wales, the Black Mountains and the counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. It's a great day out. 

Pig Trail &
George Borrow Trail
to Come. Stay Tuned!