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The spectacular river Wye is explored by countless people. The Wye Valley Walk is especially coveted for its rugged mountains, deep vales, market towns and classic river Wye views. But there's more to discover about the Wye. Here we uncover and explore what's behind its majestic flow. There you’ll discover further spectacular rivers, enchanting sources, other mountains feeding the river and deeply rural settlements speaking the language of the Wye’s gentler waters. Walkers of the Wye and nature lovers we can't get enough of the river and catchment and go with its flow whenever we can. To learn more about us click here to quickly start exploring the Wye Basin browse below.

Quick Facts

Swan on tyhe river Wye in the Lower Wye Valley in the Wye Valley A.O.N.B
The Wye is an SSSI site of Special Scientific Interest
The mouth of the river Wye by Philip Halling
The Wye flows into the Severn Estuary at Chepstow
The river Wye in the Lower Wye Valley in the Wye Valley A.O.N.B
The Wye is the UK's fourth longest river with no barriers 
River Wye facts. The river Wye is a Welsh and English river.
Starting in Wales the Wye is a Welsh and English river 

8 Classic Views

Whilst hiking the Wye from source we have come across some pretty epic views. Scientifically proven they say 'awe' is good for us and we couldn't agree more as a great view makes us feel that life is ascendant in every way. In fact, they're moments that change our perspective because being fully immersed in an epic view we become the land through which we meander and if its epic or magical then we're epic and magical to. Click here for 8 inspiring Wye Valley views that definitely change you. 

Monnow 9.jpg


Flood Warning


With so much rainfall be careful out there and keep an eye out for the flood warnings. For the Monnow and Lugg click here or here. For details on the Wye or how to prepare for a flood click here. All the best out there and go steady. 

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The Wye basin is made up of 18 main river tributaries all inspiring and worth exploring with one main channel the Wye. Click above for the rivers and walk diaries.

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The Wye is in danger from pollution and high Phosphate levels. We want to make some changes. To see what's happening click Environment to enter the debate and Join the campaign.

Black Hill, Cats Back, Black Hill Herefordshire, Cats Back Herefordshire, Black Mountains, Black Hill and the Black Mountains, Cats Back ridge in the Black Mountains, Black Hill ridge in the Black Mountains, Black Mountains Herefordshire,

The Wye catchment or basin is made up of three distinct mountain ranges and numerous high summits exceeding 700 meters. Click above to explore them.

Paul Crossing 1 (1280x438).jpg

We've hiked all Wye rivers from source. Covering nearly 700 miles we've enjoyed every one. It's time now to explore the trails that intersect the Wye Basin. Some are national trails others are less well known. Click here to see the list of trails that are waiting for you to explore to.


Thumbs Up For The Wye

What did one of the worlds greatest survival experts 'Lofty John Wiseman' and said to be the worlds greatest living explorer Ranulph Fiennes say about the Wye and the simple act of exploring it? Check out the link below to find out.  


It's long been known that the upper Wye is home to that huge extent of mountain moor  the Plynlimon/Pumlumon massif, which feeds the Wye and other celebrated rivers such as the Severn and the Rheidol. Leading up to the massif is the Wye Valley Walk that takes you through the Wye Valley amid forest and farmsteads that have stood the test of time. Plynlimon/Pumlumon looms in the distance and its interior is obscured from the world of the lower valley where Llangurig and Rhayader go about their business. It's an area that Robert Gibbings knew well for a time as he wrote 'Coming Down The Wye,' a celebration of this remote Welsh  enclave and its culture. Captured in this short 3 minute video is this very area evocative in every way. 


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