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Gilfach Farm.jpg

Points Of Interest

The Wye Valley walk has some interesting features that you might miss as you crush the miles. Some people we know like to step off trail and soak up what's there. If you're this type then these points of interest might well be for you. 

Be Inspired

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Like The Waters The Imagination Flows

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Know The Trail

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Llywelyn Mural Eirian Evans
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Ramble On

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Out of the whole Mid Wye one of our favorite sections is from Mordiford to Ross On Wye passing through Caplar Camp Iron Age hill fort, which dates back to 800 BC and How Caple. With the Woolhope Dome nearby a magnet for naturalists the section is heavily wooded, rolling, rural and extraordinarily beautiful as the river winds its way through part of the Wye Valley A.O.N.B in Herefordshire. 

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A Rural Stretch

Looking back towards the Black Mountains where the Wye arches around to enter Herefordshire

Rural Scenes & Sounds Exhilarate
Restoring The Zen Within 

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The Lugg Contributes 11% Of The Wye's Final Flow

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Just Back Off The Wye Valley Trail Buzzing

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