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Wye Rivers

Creating the full picture. A 1,000 mile journey to discover the River Wye starting with its tributaries.




There is a page re-design in progress featuring all rivers explored and links to the relevant information. The idea? A quick glance at the Wye Rivers.

1 River Lugg

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2 River Arrow

Rolling With The Waters

3 River Frome

Single Sound (759x1024)

These were early rivers explored. Consequently there are no individual pages designed around them as yet but there are river diaries written by Paul. For The Diaries. GO TO...


12 River Trothy. Location: Pandy - East Length - Flow: 28 M Elevation: 220 M 721 Ft County: Monmouthsire

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River Trothy

One of the Favorites

4 River Honddu. Location: Black Mountains - East Length - Flow: 23 M Elevation: 487 M 1600 Ft County: Powys

Honddu Spiders Web (800x450)

5 River Monnow. Location: Black Mountains - East Length - Flow: 37 M Elevation: 486 M 1594 Ft County: Herefordshire/Monmouthshire

Monnow Rocks (1024x576)

6 River Ennig. Location: Black Mountains - West Length - Flow: 5 M Elevation: 486 M 1594 Ft County: Southern Powys

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