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We've been looking at the maps, getting excited over the prospects and dreaming more of the Wye adventure. So what's next?

Resources have largely dictated what we can do. Now let's get honest. We are doing this fabulous adventure and or project as long term unemployed people with ambition and drive.

The upshot is we're not going to sit down and wait for our talent and motivation to dwindle. The reality is though we are pressured by the meagre finances available whilst gaining skills and painting this canvas of ours. This means we have to plan around it all and put money aside whilst looking for work in the meantime. This truly is a challenge given our circumstances and a project worth supporting.

So when's the next adventure? Already we've been out a number of times this year in the Lower Wye, Mid wales (See Edw Adventure) and training and swimming in various places. Having planned it we're ready for another epic River Wye 5 day adventure namely the Irfon, which starts in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains. Start date 22nd September 2016. So keep tuned.


One thing that was on our mind last yearwas the Salmon run. Starting in Mid November or early December we would have liked to have camped out there and observed the run. However, with substandard kit at the time we had to cancel the idea. This year though we hope to resume the objective. For information on the run see links to the right or watch the short video below from a friend/associate Alex Sally below.

Spate and Waterfalls Novemeber - April

It's the time of year for the rivers to be in spate. The waterfalls of the Wye should be spectacular. This then will be our next mission: to document and observe the rivers in spate and the waterfalls associated with the annual deluge in water. The Upper Wye is best for this so it will mean revisiting the area. The hike and camps will be noted and the best visual documentation will be obtained.

Salmon leaping in the Upper Wye

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King Arthurs Cave

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Ancient Sites

Highest Points


Peregrine Falcons



The Most Beautiful River On The Wye - Irfon October 2016

We've traversed some great rivers during the course of exploring the Wye but the Irfon promises to be a mix of beautiful and epic. Staring high on the upper slopes of Bryn Garw in the Cambrian Mountains it meanders a course through the majestic Abergwesyn valley, which is said to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the Wye catchment. Through plantation and high hills, it heads for Llanwrtyd Wells before flowing into the Wye at Builth Wells. It's not without its problems as acid rain threatens the substrate and the invertebrates that make it their home. It's going to be educational and an adventure.


Dear Park - Kentchurch Court 2016

In our opinion this is a sacred site. The park plays host to ancient trees almost 1000 years old. It's truly a magical place and somewhat other worldly. With permission we seek to explore the park and Bivvy in it to experience the untouched beauty of what is essentially ancient enclaves, not only in the Wye system, but in Britain also.

Dark Sky Hike and Bivvy 2016

With Llanthony very much a part of the Wye system we'er going to hike the Vale of Ewyas from the source of the Honddu to llanthony priory in the Black Mountains where there is an international Dark Sky reserve. The aim is to link to the sacre site and bring to light the value of our dark skies in the process.

Canoe & Kayak - Date Unkown

It's as much about experience as it is the ecology of the river system. There are some fantastic streteches of water and we have swam some of them but never Canoed or Kayaked the river. So we want to hook up with some people and do that from as high up as we can. We're not sure when this will occur but it's definitely on the cards.


River Ithon - Upper Wye - March

This is another spectacular upper Wye river, which starts North of the Radnor Forest near Newtown. It's a Left bank tributary and truly a meandering river, which passes through some inetresting geology and epic Mid wales landscape along the way. This is a long hike and should reveal some interesting challenges as we near the Wye proper.

Landed Festival Trail - April

A good friend of ours alongside some other good folk in the Upper Wye valley stage a festival each year in a spectacular location next to the Wye. Amid the mountains of the Cambrians were going to hike from the source of the Elan river to the festival. A new river the aim is to bring the vibe of the river and mountains to the festival, dance, film and say Hi.

River Wye Source to Severn - June

The last of the hikes will be the River Wye Source to Sea by which time we hope to have traversed 1000 miles of the Wye system. Here we not only swim and hike but we Kayak the Wye also passing through a terrain we have mapped out in our bodies and minds over the previous two years. It's going to be a fitting tribute to an exciting river system.

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