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Full Moon Bivvy

The best thing to observe tonight is not in here but out there. It's full moon, clear in the heavens and with no obstruction it stands to be a great night to go out and Bivvy.


It's amazing how easily one can step into a completely different universe or room given a few tools and a little energy expended, which is in all truth recouped the moment your outdoors. We can all think about what the return will be or the value of an experience such as the full moon but it's only in immersing ourselves inn these moments do we ever get to realise it fully. It's a matter of knowing it's good for you and in that detaching from what's inhibiting.

Bivvy Away

Given the time of year you'll need very little for a one-night bivvy with the full moon. Firstly, you'll need the will. Once you have that there are one or two items you'll need to successfully commune with one of your favourite planets. A Bivvy bag (here we use Alpkit) they are environment conscious and design awesome gear. Some water or a brew kit is always good. You need to stay hydrated even for one night (a good flask is the Ultimate Thermos) or alternatively a simple bottle of water. Don't forget a snack or two from Brazil nuts through to apples or bonanas.... it's always wise to stay up on your energy levels to keep warm if nothing else. There is always the rain to consider, which will require a waterproof to protect you either heading out there or coming back. We use either Jack Wolfskin or Paramo both environment conscious. There is heat loss to cater for in the form of a roll matt - Kathmandu torso matt will do. To accompany this, you'll need the sleeping bag. If its spring, summer or Autumn a 3 season bag will do. We use Snugpak a British make with superb credentials. To see about yourvicinity take a headlamp.... a good make is Black Diamond who are again environmently conscious. Lastly, you'll need a small rucksack. Around a 35 Litre sack will do the job. Your choice! Oh and if you want to capture the moment take a camera that's good in low light. Here the Canon Powershot SX700 was used (not great but adequate). It's now been replaced with the Sony RX100, which is a handy camera but not a zoom camera like the Canon.



Video - Lugg Wye Valley - Herefordshire


The Coordinate System


The ecliptic coordinate system is a celestial coordinate system commonly used for representing the positions and orbits of Solar System objects. Because most planets (except Mercury), and many small Solar System bodies have orbits with small inclinations to the ecliptic, it is convenient to use it as the fundamental plane. The system's origin can be either the centre of the Sun or the centre of the Earth, its primary direction is towards the vernal (northbound) equinox, and it has a right-handed convention. It may be implemented in spherical coordinates or rectangular coordinates.[1]


Taken from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecliptic_coordinate_system


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Anyone understand it? Let's give it a go!

Easy - Ready To Go Full Moon!

i'm inspired by the Wye


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