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Thank you for taking the timne to explore this website. If you love the River Wye or have ever wondered about it either on a walk, during a swim, in camp or on a canoe trip you’re in the right place. You’re even closer to the right place if you've ever wanted to enjoy the Wye and outdoors but never known how to get going in relation to exploring. It might be your shy or lack confidence in which case my own story may inspire you.

I was an identical twin to my late dear brother Paul and we were always called names such as twinny, gruesome twosome, strange, monkeys, fags (we were brothers) not to mention disgusting street verbals. Feeling confident was hard especially when the tough guys wanted to give us a go to. So, I know what it takes to motivate the self and here on this website you get that sense through, not just my walks and hikes with Paul, but the grief i’ve latterly experienced also. Just go to any of my recent youtube videos where you’ll discover the journey and how the Wye and outdoors really did become a medicine.


More on The Wye – 1,000 miles

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Wye Source at Plumlumon

How does the website actually help open up the Wye and it’s surrounds to you? The answer is in the word explore and what I set out to do with my twin brother Paul. Here I embark upon a 1,000 mile journey on foot and in the water to discover the Wye in its totality. It started as a way for my brother and I to find confidence and health amid this inspiring river and its landscape but it soon became much more as we began to learn about its vast extent.

Over 500 Miles and 14 rivers walked already

As we walked and wild camped each and every River Wye tributary we shared our findings on this website making for a resource that is growing and becoming even better with each new adventure. So, stay tuned as it becomes a friendlier and easier website for you to navigate sparking off ideas of your own amid the rivers 4,000 square Kilometre catchment area.

1,000 Mile Wye. Know More. Click

People & Involvement

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Paul with Lillian & Milo the dog Cleddon Falls (10
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People from across the UK and world have commented on the project to discover the river and its catchment via Youtube and personal messaging. Some are globally renowned from global explorer Ranulph Fiennes through to John Lofty Wiseman author and former SAS survival expert. I am an ordinary chap though who spent years amid the distressed and grieving in our world. It’s the rejuvenation of people this project seeks amongst some of the most spectacular countryside anywhere in Great Britain. For this reason, I am open to walk and camp with people who want to join me for revival outdoors. I haven’t the resources at present to do much more but I do what I can voluntarily offering my personal time if people need it. So, if you want to walk or wild camp please do contact me. I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke so it’s always a healthy adventure.

The Logo

King(fisher) of The Castle(pool) Hereford 21.11.17

Photo by - Mike. Taken at Herefords Castle Pool

What about the Kingfisher logo? The inspiration was definitely our rivers and tributaries, which were a source of respite and healing during many years of alcohol and substance abuse. It was a real life battle going on for my brother and I. Indeed, it was a bit like being on an arduous expedition or journey that went wrong - we had to survive! There beside the flowing water my brother and I would often recover, contemplate how the journey could have turned out this way and dream of something better or a way out of the situation. Who would have known that the Kingfisher would play a central role in inspiring this and our lives? Not us at that time.

Some years before our recovery in 1989 our father Terry who served in the SAS for 22 years died whereupon his good friend John Lofty Wiseman gifted our mother a statue of a Kingfisher in memory of him because one would visit the pool outside his hospital window. From there others were purchased and paintings were painted and the bird would be spoken of fondly in the family home. By default Kingfishers became a mascot. So, when they appeared on the river during our moment of need they ignited a memory of our father and a willingness to continue maybe on account of their Turquoise blue also, which is said to be a colour that lifts the downcast.

Events were always at the forefront of our minds having staged the truly legendary Transition party in the Wye Valley just outside of Hay On Wye at the gothic Clyro Court. Our pursuit to stage events that celebrated the outdoors stemmed from here and years later led us to Hampton Court in North Herefordshire where our grandparents farmed. There on the banks of the main tributary of the River wye we visualized an eclectic event routed in the river and land. To promote it effectively we had to know the venue so in 2013 we walked the river Lugg a tributary of the Wye, which passed through the estate. At the end of the 6 day walk two Kingfishers revealed themselves in flight at its confluence with the Wye. We took it as a totem and enjoyed it that much we walked the Luggs tributaries namely the Frome and then the Arrow wondering as we did what the Wye was about in its totality. There and then the Wye Explorer was born as was a search to discover more amazing venues for what was now turning into a a fabulous dream of a concert series in the Wye catchment itself.

What logo or brand image should the Wye Explorer employ? The question was answered upon Paul's death. A few years prior to his death we had set up a company called the Turquoise Sound Company to facilitate the events, which is where the logo first appeared but not before a sound technology exhibtiion in 2000. It was however designed by Kevin Kimber a renowned illustration artist and was funded by a sponsored marathon swim totalling 24,000 meters, which was adjudicated by Lofty Wiseman and 7 others. Then it was used for the aforementioned exhibition that the swim also funded.

Years passed, the Turquoise Sound Company emerged after the exhibition, our journey to heal continued, later our walks emerged to discover the Wye (a venue we envisaged hosting concerts) and as we neared a turning point Paul devastatingly died. We had over the years relinquished drugs and alchol and later walked over 500 miles of the Wye system together whilst camping in some amazing places. (see Facts here). It was the best thing we could have done!

SAS - Terry 3rd right


L-R Terry, Robo & Lofty


Things had changed in a shocking instant but I was left with a legacy that being the Wye Explorer project and website. I still had to reach that target of 1,000 miles, reveal it to people and somehow encourage them to enjoy the Wye catchment to. Perhaps the downcast could benefit? I didn't know but I knew the Wye was a huge part of me and so, soon after Paul had departed, I started walking and camping again amid horrific grief at the loss of my twin brother of 48 years but this time with the Kingfisher for company. I found peace, I found love there, I saw Paul and I was able to dream amid the hills, woods and rivers of the Wye. This is where I belonged and what I was meant to do.

The Kingfisher subsequently found its home. It inspires, it thrills and it reminds me that no matter how hard life is it's still worth living for. It sure has been on a long difficult journey. From addiction, depression, anxiety, the loss of my twin and from the friendship of legendary SAS soldiers it has shown itself to be a real survivor, which is what the Wye Explorer is partially about as it seeks to tap into life through the outdoors and the Wye voted Britain’s favourite river. There's a lot in it. It is truly a dynamic logo and story and well worth support.

With people from across the UK and world commenting and with over 900 subscribers and over 50,000 veiws on Youtube 'Wye Explorer' as a cross boarder projectis becoming a well respected

outdoors brand with a unique story and heritage attatched to it. For more please do explore the site.

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